TStv Gives Out 5,000 Free Decoders This Week

Did you know TStv Africa is giving out free decoders? News updates from TStv has revealed that a total of 5,000 decoders will be given to Nigerians free during this week & next. These decoders will let TStv customers have a test & feel of their services through test transmissions until TStv will begin their commercial transmission come November 1st.

According to the CEO os TStv in an interview, he disclosed that TStv had intended to give free decoders during the launch which happened on 1st October 2017 but were unable to do so because the crowd was too much.

TStv's CEO further added that they promise never to disappoint Nigerians and will still be giving out these decoders which will remain at work in the hands of customers for two weeks. Then the customers will be using it to test out their (TStv's) services across all 36 states of Nigeria pending when TStv begins their commercial transmission in November.

So if you previously paid to get the decoder, the CEO said, go back & collect your money because the test decoders are free of charge!!. You can view the YouTube interview video here.

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