Las Vegas Shooting: Google, Facebook Accidentally Push Fake News

Carriers of fake news used Google & Facebook's algorithms to their advantage to spread ruses in the midst of the Las Vegas massacre.

The site is notorious for spreading fake news & racism.

Forbes reports a Facebook 'safety check' feature, activated for people in the area to identify themselves as safe for their friends & family, promoted stories from right-wing news sites Gateway Pundit & Blogspot, which also fallaciously identified the shooter.

The wrongly-accused suspect hurriedly circulated the internet, even making it onto some valid news sites.

Terrorist group Islamic State later issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attack, which has since been countered by the FBI. Google changed its algorithms in Oct. 2014 so that non-journalistic sites could still be incorporated in the "In the news" section.

In the past Facebook has employed more staff to manually monitor the site during major events, when there is a high interest in news content.

One thousand extra staff were employed for the US election to weed out fake news.