Airtel SmartRecharge Gives 10 Times Any Amount Loaded For Calls & Data

The trending hashtag on Airtel right now is #DoAnyhow. It’s a new hashtag that Airtel Nigeria is using to promote their recently launched awoof plan on all social media. They named it Airtel SmartRecharge which gives both old & new customers ten times any value they recharge as airtime.

Airtel SmartRecharge
The best part is that you can go now & buy Airtel SIM of 100 naira & start enjoying this awoof. All you need do is load your recharge card by dialing *220*RechargePIN#. Simple & easy! And the free bonus can be used to make calls, send text messages, browse the internet, and so on.

For example, if you load your line with 100, Airtel will give you 500 bonus for calls plus another 500 for data

200 recharge gives you 1000 for calls & 1000 for data
500 gives you 2000 for calls, 3000 for data plus extra 3000 for data
1000 gives you 2500 for calls, 7500 for data plus extra 7500 for data

The Airtel SmartRecharge is open to all new and existing Airtel customers, & the more you recharge, the more bonus you get. Now my fellow smartphone users, let’s #DoAnyhow with Airtel SmartRecharge while it lasts, simply recharge your phone airtime with *220*RechargePIN#.

NOTE: The validity period of the data or call bonus you will get depends on the amount you recharged. 100 recharge is valid for 3 days, 200 is valid for 7 days while other recharges of above 200 are valid for 14 days.

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  1. Nice one from Airtel. They are always leading.