Manchester United Help Launch FIFA 18 Game (VIDEO)

The wait is over at last as Manchester United followers across the world can now play practically with the football stars they esteem, following the release of FIFA 18.

Ashley Young & former Reds captain Rio Ferdinand were present at the launch party in London a moment ago to celebrate the unveiling of the popular EA Sports PC game on Friday 29 Sept.

MUTV were there too, with YouTuber ChuBoi, as players & fans tried out the latest installment of the FIFA franchise. After their brilliant form at the start of the season, Paul Pogba & Romelu Lukaku have been 2 of the most chosen players for the game’s ‘Ultimate Team’ feature so far.

Musician Olly Murs, who is a huge Reds supporter, attended the party &, after playing with his beloved club while having a sneak peek of the game, commented: “In the game, you feel like if you’ve got Pogba on the ball, you feel like you’ve actually got him [in your team]. He’s full of tricks, he’s big, he’s powerful, he’s got speed.”

You can watch our full video from the launch party in the video player below:

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