Facebook Begins Test Of Its Standalone Video Chat App Bonfire

In July, The Verge discovered that Facebook was testing a standalone group video chat application called Bonfire. Now, as spotted by The Next Web, it seems it’s popped up in the Danish Apple App Store.

At the time, the app was rumored to be incredibly similar to other group video chat application HouseParty, & The Next Web confirms this is the case. The application allows you not only hold video chats with several people at once, but you can also apply Snapchat-like effects, & share pictures to Instagram, Facebook, & Messenger.

Friends added to a chat will get a notification in Messenger, & once they join, formats can be switched between everybody getting equal screen space to one that prioritizes the person speaking.

The Next Web says as of now, the application has been downloaded about 2,000 times in Denmark with “good user retention.”

Bonfire does align with Facebook’s new mission statement of “building community & bringing the world closer together," & might prove to be a more successful video venture than the grayed-out desert that is at present Facebook Stories. There is no suggestion on if Facebook will roll Bonfire out further — back in July, sources had said Facebook was taking a close look at numerous standalone video applications, including Talk.