Relik 15


               He is looking into the mirror and we see him with a busted
               nose and a black eye. The room is dark with very little
               light. The walls are dark blue with cracks running
               throughout them. A brown door towers over him and looks
               badly beaten.
               We hear a MAN'S voice from the hallway.

                         BOY I AIN'T DONE WITH YOU YET! GET
                         YOUR ASS BACK OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!

               Seth runs to the bedroom door and locks it. He pushes
               against the door with all of his might.

                                     VOICE (CONT'D)
                         OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR!!
                         SETH, YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT.
                         OPEN THIS DOOR!!

               We hear the door POUNDING with the door KNOB SHAKING.

                                     VOICE (CONT'D)
                         YOU'RE NOTHING AND YOU NEVER WILL
                         BE ANYTHING! THAT'S WHY THAT BITCH
                         OF A MOTHER LEFT US!
                         NOW OPEN THIS DOOR!!!

               Seth reaches for his baseball bat that is right next to him.
               He jams it under the door knob and walks backwards until his
               back hits the wall.

                                     VOICE (CONT'D)
                         IF IT WASN'T FOR YOUR UNCLE I
                         WOULD HAVE SENT YOUR ASS AWAY A
                         LONG TIME AGO.

               We hear one last LOUD SLAM against the door.

                                     VOICE (CONT'D)
                         YOUR MOTHER NEVER LOVED YOU!

               We hear footsteps walking away on the hardwood floor.

               INT. SETH'S HOUSE - PRESENT - NIGHT

               Seth snaps out of it and sees himself in the present. He
               turns away and heads towards the kitchen.

                         Are you OK?

               Seth grabs the glass out of the sink and reaches for the
               VODKA on the counter. He pours the glass half way and slams

                         I'm fine. It's just I have a lot
                         of stress from the office.

                         You're home now. So, just try to

                                                       CUT TO:


               The table is set with a bowl of salad and the lasagna in the
               middle. Seth reaches for the bottle of red wine and pours
               Sarah and himself a glass. Sarah places the garlic bread on
               the table. She slides a chair back and takes her seat.

                         I hope you'll like it.

               Seth cuts into the dish with a spatula and scoops out a
               piece. He places it on Sarah's dish and cuts a second piece
               for himself. Sarah is just staring at him waiting for him to
               take a bit.

                         MMMM! This is pretty good.

                         You don't have to be so sarcastic.

                         I'm not. This is really good.

                         Thank you. Do you want some garlic

                         Na, I'm not a big fan of garlic


                         So, how was your day?

               Seth reaches for his glass of wine and drinks the rest. He
               wipes his face with a napkin.

                         Well, I really didn't want to tell
                         you this. But, you'll find out one
                         way or another.

               Seth takes a deep breath and prepares himself.


                         You know you're friend Denise and
                         her boyfriend Dave?

                         Ya, how could I forget.

                         They were found dead at her home
                         this morning.

               Sarah drops her fork and looks at Seth.

                         What happen?

                         We believe that the strangler
                         broke into their home and murdered

                         Why Denise? This doesn't make any
                         sense. Why are these killers after
                         me and the people I know.

                         I don't think it has to deal with

                         HOW DO YOU KNOW?

                         Look Sarah, we have every officer
                         looking for this man. Don't worry,
                         he won't hurt you.

               Sarah sits back in her chair wondering what might happen to

                         Is it OK, if I spend the night?

               Seth places his hand on top of hers on the table.

                         Sure, you're safe with me.

               Sarah reaches for the bottle of wine and pours her glass to
               the top.

               EXT. SETH'S BACK YARD - NIGHT

               There is no porch light on. The sky is black with a few
               stars that shower a little light. The white moon only
               reveals half of it's true self. We hear the wind slightly
               blowing upon the chimes. We see a DARK SHADOW  of someone
               walking along the home. We only see his BACK SIDE.

                                                       CUT TO:

               INT. SETH'S HOUSE - NIGHT

               Sarah is seen washing the dishes and Seth is cleaning the
               table. He puts the salad in the refrigerator and takes a
               quick look outside the kitchen window.

                         Why don't you go upstairs and find
                         something comfortable to wear.

                         What do you have?

                         I have a few long T-shirts in the

               Sarah turns the water off and drys her hands. She grabs her
               glass of wine and walks up stairs.

               Seth grabs a glass and opens the bottle of VODKA. He pours
               himself a small amount and slams it. He places the glass in
               the sink. He stares out the window and his mind races back
               to his childhood in the old house.

                                                       CUT TO:


               We hear a man moaning. The home is beat down from years of
               abuse. The walls haves cracks with paint falling off. A
               picture is barley hanging by one nail in the hallway. The
               sounds are getting louder as we approach the leaving room.

               We see a MAN lying on his side in a fetal position. He is
               full of blood and a large knife sticking out of his stomach.
               Seth is seen standing there with a blank look on his face.

               The front door opens and a man in a police uniform runs

                                     COP 3
                         Seth what the hell did you do?

               Seth is just standing there motionless. The man on the floor
               reaches for Seth and pulls him to the floor. Seth is trying
               to get away but the man over powers him and pulls his HEAD
               TO HIS MOUTH.

                         You'll never get away with this.

               The police officer picks the man up from the floor and
               slides him to a wall. He pulls the knife out of his stomach
               and looks towards Seth.

                                     COP 3
                         Don't worry everything is going to
                         be fine.
                         I'll take care of this. You can
                         stay with me.

               Seth is just standing there not saying a word. His face is
               blank like nothing had ever happen.

                                                       CUT TO:

               INT. SETH'S HOUSE - PRESENT - NIGHT

               Seth pinches the top of his nose with his eyes closed. He
               walks towards the stairs and goes to his bedroom. Sarah is
               seen buttoning up a blue shirt that stops at her thighs.

                         I hope you don't mind.

                         No, that's fine. It looks great on

               Sarah walks towards him and tries to give him a kiss. Seth
               closes in and stops himself.

                         Are you sure?


               The two begin to kiss and slowly walk towards his bed. Seth
               starts to unbutton her shirt and she takes off his. They
               fall on the bed and Sarah pulls off his belt.

               She gets on top of him and starts to moan. She places his
               hands on her upper thighs.

                                                       CUT TO:

               EXT. SETH'S BACK YARD - NIGHT

               We see a MAN IN BLACK slowly grabbing the door knob. He
               opens the door and reaches for a KNIFE IN HIS COAT.

               INT. SETH'S HOUSE - NIGHT

               We see the man slowly walking in the hallway. He takes one
               step foreword and knocks a PICTURE OFF THE TABLE. He pauses
               and stands still.

               Sarah is lying on top of Seth. She rolls over to his side.
               Seth takes his finger and starts to follow the scar on
               Sarah's stomach. He makes a circular motion of the hole left
               by the ice pick.

                         You know you're very lucky.

                         Let's not talk about that right

               Seth hears a noise from down stairs and his eyes open wide.

                         Did you hear something?


               Seth jumps out of bed. He grabs his pants and slides them
               on. He runs to his closet and grabs a gun. He runs towards

                         Stay here.

                         What is it?

               Seth slowly walks towards the stairs. He takes one step at a
               time waiting to hear someone move. He reaches the bottom
               stair and looks towards the living room. He is quickly
               tackled from behind, his gun goes flying in the air. Seth
               TURNS AROUND AND SEES THE STRANGLER with a knife in his hand
               ready to stab him.

               Seth puts his leg in the air and kicks the Strangler to push
               him back. Seth stands up and the Strangler runs towards him
               with a KNIFE POINTING TOWARDS HIS CHEST. Seth holds him back
               at the chest with one arm and with the other holding back
               the KNIFE.

                         I told you I'd come for you.

               THE KNIFE SLOWLY MOVES INTO SETH'S CHEST. Seth is becoming
               weak and he can not hold him back any longer. We hear a loud
               BANG. The Stranger falls over and we see Sarah holding
               Seth's gun. The Stranger was shot point blank in the back of
               the head.

               Seth pulls the knife out of his chest.

                         O MY GOD!! SETH ARE YOU OK?

               Seth places his hand on his chest to stop the bleeding. He
               looks at Sarah. HE STRUGGLES FOR AIR. She sees his eyes
               watering and runs to the phone.

                                                       CUT TO:

               EXT. SETH'S HOUSE - NIGHT

               The ambulance is park in front of the home with the lights
               flashing. Two cop cars are parked on either side. Seth is
               being taken out of the home on a gurney. He is strapped in
               with a oxygen mask on. Sarah is seen taking to the Captain

                         Is he going to be alright?

                         I don't know. The knife punctured
                         one of his lungs. Other than that,
                         he should be fine.

               Sarah runs towards the the back of the ambulance.

                                                       CUT TO:

               INT. SETH HOUSE - NIGHT

               The Investigator is seen looking through the hole in back of
               the Stranglers head with a pen. The Captain is seen walking
               up from behind.

                         You know the one thing that
                         bothers me is why, why a knife?

                         I don't know? Maybe he just grab
                         what ever was close to him.

                         Not quite. He brought this knife
                         with him. He'd always strangled
                         his victims before he'd kill them.
                         It just doesn't make any sense why
                         he would be so sloppy...

                         This wasn't one of his random
                         victims. Were taking about a
                         highly decorated officer. He might
                         of just done this out of anger.

                         Maybe. Maybe not.

                                                       CUT TO:

               INT. AMBULANCE - NIGHT

               The Ambulance is racing through the streets with the sirens
               on. The paramedic is watching his vital signs.

                         Is he going to make it?

                         He'll be fine. He has a minor
                         puncture to the lung. A few weeks
                         he'll be back on his feet.

                         O thank God.

                         I wouldn't worry to much about it.

                         Seth, can you hear me? You're
                         going to be fine.

               Sarah is rubbing Seth's head. The Paramedic is seen writing
               a few notes on a clipboard. We slowly pull away through the
               back window. The Ambulance is seen driving through the dark

               INT. CAPTAIN'S OFFICE - DAY

               TWO MONTHS LATER FALLS UPON THE SCREEN. Seth is sitting in a
               chair across from the Captain. He looks healthy. The Captain
               is looking at Seth through one eye and a cigar in his mouth.

                         How you feel?

                         I feel great. Never better.

                         I just don't understand why did
                         the strangler want to kill you.
                         What reason would he have to.

               The phone rings. The Captain grabs the phone.

                                     CAPTAIN (CONT'D)
                         OK. Thanks

               The Captain hangs up the phone.

                                     CAPTAIN (CONT'D)
                         What was I saying again?

                         What would the Strangler want with

                         O, that's right. What the hell
                         would the Strangler want with you?

                         I don't know. The only thing I can
                         think of is maybe he thought I was
                         getting to close.

                         Who knows what the these fucked up
                         killers are thinking.

                         Speaking about killers, what is
                         the story on.

                         Don't even think about it. I'm
                         giving you six months paid
                         vacation. YOU NEED TIME OFF!

                         Captain, I don't need time off. My
                         mind will not rest until these
                         killers are off the street.

                         Look Seth, you wanna keep working
                         on these cases. FINE! But if the
                         price is your life then that's on

                         This is my life.

                         Look, just take the time off and
                         clear your head. Your going to
                         drive yourself crazy if you don't

                         watch it.